Tetra pH Test Kit

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The Tetra pH Test Kit is an easy to use liquid reagent test that will accurately measure the pH of Tropical & Coldwater (freshwater) aquariums. Simply add 7 drops of reagent from the 10ml bottle to 5ml of aquarium water in the test vial which will change the colour of the aquarium water sample. Compare the colour against the colour chart supplied to obtain an accurate pH reading.

If the pH is outside of the recommended range for the types of fish being kept then a range of powder and liquid adjusters are available to correct.


Multiple tests.
Quick, accurate results.
Easy to use.
Reads pH in a broad range from 5.0 to 10.0
Great value


1 x 10ml test reagent vial for multiple tests.
1 x test vial.
1 x colour comparison chart.
Full instructions and reading recommendations.